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Report of Awardees of the 9th EZAMA Award


Report of Awardees of the 9th EZAMA Award in The 14th International Congress on Addiction Science

(December 3rd 2020)


Among all abstracts which had been registered in 14th International Congress on Addiction Science, around 107 abstracts found their way to the review phase of the EZAMA award.

EZAMA referees (Dr. Ehterami, Dr. Ekhtiari, Dr. Haghparast, Dr. Mohades-Ardebili, Dr. Noroozi) evaluated these abstracts and selected 10 abstracts as the award nominees.

*      In order for the same refereeing conditions, 5 main areas were announced to all referees, which are as follows:

*      1. Significance for Addiction Medicine

*      2. Novelty of Idea

*      3. Methodological Rigor

*      4. Writing/Reporting Details

*      5. Overall Scientific Quality

*      After careful review of 107 works, 10 top researches were selected as the winners of EZAMA award and another 30 researches were selected as the top researches in addiction medicine. In order to ensure the authenticity of the research, all winners were asked to submit evidence of the originality of the research, such as a dissertation, an approved proposal, or a letter from the supervisors. Also, according to the age requirements of the EZAMA award to ensure the age of the researchers, they were asked to send their national card or passport. Then all the documents were reviewed and the final list including the following people was prepared:

Winner of EZAMA Gold Award (four million Tomans cash prize, golden medal, diploma of honor):

·         Amir Ghaderi

Winners of EZAMA Silver Award (two million Tomans cash prize, silver medal, diploma of honor):

·         Shole Jamali

·         Ghazaleh Soleimani

Winners of EZAMA Bronze Award (one million Tomans cash prize, bronze medal, diploma of honor):

·         Sara Jafakesh

·         Arvin Haghighatfard

·         Shayani Ghosh

Winner of EZAMA Honorary Diploma (one million Tomans cash prize, diploma of honor):

·         Meghdad Talebizadeh

·         Morteza Malmir

·         Manmeet Kaur

·         Amirhossein Dakhili

Also, the top 30 researches were announced as worthy researches:

Manzumeh Shamsi Meymandi

Shima Fotouhi

Mohammad Majidi

Yasaman Bahadori

Angeline Praditama Ismail

Zahra Mohaddes hakkak

Sunitha Thimiri Sreenivasan

Sunitha Thimiri Sreenivasan

Sara Sadeghipour

Arshiya Sangchooli

Pawan Khadse

Hadis Ghajari

Morteza Malmir

Leila Alizadeh

Richa Tripathi


Mina Mohseni

Ruta Karaliuniene

Mehran ZareBidoky

Sara Jafakesh

Denny Mariam Oommen

Sakshi Sachdeva

Roghieh Nooripour

Antonio Molina Fernández

Antonio Molina Fernández

Zahra Gharibnavaz

Sidharth Arya

Pawan Khadse

Gayatri Bhatia

Avin Haghighatfard



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