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Scientific Secretary Message پیام دبیر علمی

Honorable Lecturers, Respectable Researchers, and Dear Colleagues,

Iran with 81 million inhabitants historically faces with opiates, cannabis and alcohol use disorders from centuries ago. This historical problem is superimposed recently with methamphetamine and synthetic opioids resulting in about 5 percent of the population affected with at least one substance use disorder during last year. During last century, political changes in Iran, from monarchy to an Islamic republic, have been associated with serious changes and evolution in the drug addiction policy, epidemiology, prevention and treatment. These changes provided opportunities for both scientists and policy makers to experience different practices associated with failures and successes. During the upcoming 12th annual international addiction science congress in Tehran (ASC2018), over 20 expert panels composed of major stakeholders in drug addiction in Iran, covering various areas in the field, will present current status, strengths and weaknesses and potential threats and opportunities of drug addiction policy, epidemiology, prevention, treatment and research in Iran and around the globe. Meanwhile, we expect that over 200 oral presentations and 600 posters by international keynote speakers and national scientists and practitioners will bring you with new innovative ideas and data that can help you to update your practice in both clinic and research as a drug addiction professional. Along with drug addiction, non-substance use addictive disorders, will also be among the topics for presentation and discussion during the upcoming meeting.

Iran with the second largest opioid maintenance program in the world, after China (over 600.000 people on Methadone and 100.000 people on Buprenorphine maintenance programs), over 7000 outpatient addiction treatment centers and 1100 residential centers, largest 12 steps program in the Middle East (over 100.000 regular attendants) and 74% of the world's opium and 25% of the world's heroin and morphine seizures, had this opportunity to bring innovative ideas and practices for the international community from integration of addiction treatment to the primary healthcare, decriminalization, religiosity and destigmatization, extended detoxification programs with opium tincture, and debates on opium legalization. These innovations, along with a vibrant community of over 20.000 addiction medicine professionals, makes the ASC2018 a great venue for those who like to merge their passion for practice with love for new and updated scientific practices.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend my invitation to join us in this big celebration with Persian hospitality and orchestrated movement to ensure better practices for prevention and treatment of addictions in Iran and across the world.


Warmest Regards,

Hamed Ekhtiari, MD, PhD,

Scientific Secretary

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