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13th International Addiction Science Congress is going to be held in August 21-23, 2019, in Razi Convention Hall, Tehran, Iran. In this congress, a number of awards will be granted to high quality abstracts through a designed peer review process. This award list includes:

·        EZAMA Addiction Medicine Award (Young Investigators)

·        Drug Addiction Prevention Award, State Welfare Organization (SWO)

·        Ministry of Health Harm Reduction Award, Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME)

·        Quality of Life Award, Rebirth Society

 “Rehabilitation” and “Tincture of Opium Gradual Dose Reduction Regimen (DST)” Awards, Congress 60 Society

Please follow Instructions for Authors link to learn about how to write and submit abstracts. All submitted abstracts should be in line with the guidance of these Instructions. Abstracts submitted to ASC which do not adhere to these instructions will not be reviewed.

Instructions for Authors

All submitted abstracts should be in line with the guidance of following Instructions. Abstracts submitted to ASC which do not adhere to the “Instructions for Authors”, will not be reviewed.

Presenting author need to submit the abstract through online submission system of the congress website. For submitting abstracts, you should register in congress website. Please click for registration in congress website.

Abstracts should be written in English and edited natively. ABSTRACTS IN FARSI OR OTHER LANGUAGES WILL NOT BE REVIEWED.

ASC accepts abstracts within the following categories:

·        Original Research

·        Review

·        Case Reports

·        Report of an experience: This is a new category for sending your abstracts in ASC 2018 which provides an unstructured space allows you to present your experiences in design and delivery for substance use disorder services.


Authors need to define their preference for their abstracts to be presented as oral talk or in poster presentations (presentation mode) while submitting it in online system. It should be noted that the congress review committee might change the status (presentation mode) of a submitted abstract from oral to poster presentation. 

Names and academic or organizational affiliations of all authors, along with their mobile phone number and email address should be written within online submission system of the congress website. Academic degrees (e.g. MSc, MD or PhD) should not be added to the affiliations (e.g. Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran).

All abstract will be blind reviewed by two independent reviewers assigned by the congress peer review committee and corresponding author will be informed of the result. If an abstract complies these instructions and receives scientific approval by reviewers, it will be announced as an oral or poster presentation. Submitting author could choose status of abstract (preferred presentation mode) as oral or poster presentation during initial submission, although some of submitted abstracts as oral presentation might be accepted as poster presentation. This will be decided by the peer review committee of the congress.

Abstracts of original researches, reviews and case reports should have maximum 350 words and structured in separate parts as Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion, 3 to 5 Keywords and Key message (optional) as below:

·        Objective: This should mention the background, main purpose and question of the study.

·        Methods: This should include exact method or observation or experiment and must refer to the research methodology, sample size, targeted populations, selection process of participants and potential control group, age, gender and other relevant characteristics of recruited participants and used tools. Statistical methods must be mentioned. There is no need to introduce your statistical software like SPSS!

·        Results: It must be presented in the form of text and relevant numbers and include the main findings.

·        Conclusion: It should include the final outcomes of the research and their interpretations.

Following above mentioned structure is not mandatory for abstracts of “report of an experience” category.


While submitting abstracts from all categories, please enter keywords and if you like key message of your work in proposed boxes:

·        Keyword: Write 3 to 5 keywords that represent your work according to medical subject headings list.

Use terms from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) list of index medicus (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/MBrowser.html).

·        Key message: Key message refers to main message of the submitted abstract which authors tend to share with others including other researchers, policy makers, clinicians or even lay people in the society. Completing this part is optional. Authors, who want to share the main result of your work with larger audience, need to complete this section within 200 characters (including words and spaces). Key messages of abstracts will disseminate through internet and social media sites under the name of the presenting author before and during the congress.   


ASC has accepted all terms and conditions of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) on plagiarism. So, in any case of plagiarism, which is brought to the congress editors attention and accompanied with convincing evidence, we act based on flowcharts and workflows determined in COPE. Meanwhile, to detect and prevent plagiarism in the congress proceeding, all submissions will be checked with iThenticate software in both stages of submission and acceptance.

Additional Notes

·        Automatic translators to English like “Google Translate” often provide funny results that make us laugh at the review committee. Meanwhile, it can results in public shame for presenting authors. Use any technology carefully and responsibly. 

We would recommend you to prepare your abstract in software platforms like Office Word and enjoy their proofreading facilities. You may copy and paste the final file to the congress website in assigned spaces.




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