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Certainly, (International Congress on Addiction Science) is the biggest scientific event in the country and the largest one in the region over the past decade. In addition to attracting a large number of scholars, thinkers and researchers in the national & international arena, it was also succeed to absorb attention of important parts of politicians, providers, authorities, practitioners, service providers and agents involved in the control and reduction of drug addiction. Like in the course of its tenth period in September 2016, we were witness of passionate presence of 2,500 experts, therapists, researchers and experts in this field, 11 invited speakers from different countries, and the extensive cooperation of national and international accredited institutions , NGOs and private parts.

Accordingly, (11th International Congress on the Addiction Science) by Iran University of Medical Sciences and Welfare Organization State with the participation of all thinkers and activists of relevant fields at the national and international levels from 13-15 September 2017 by presenting lectures, specialized panels, workshops, articles on various subjects such as basic science, clinical, human, social, law, and etc., will be held at the Razi International Conference Center in Tehran.

Considering the coincidence of the 11th International Congress of the Addiction Science with the beginning of the 12th presidential period and the sixth Development Plan of the country and the need to pay attention to addiction as one of the priorities of the field of health and the necessity to make an appropriate situation for constructive discourse and further interaction of scholars in different groups and their effective communication with decision makers, also to facilitate utilization and to change the results of scientific projects into practical application and to entry of research results from library reports to the community and the adoption of further policies, the main focus of the congress was selected to be ''Social Discourse, Knowledge Translation, and Further Orientations''. So according to this way, the attention of scholars, policymakers, practitioners and other influential strata of the society should be absorbed.

In fact, this congress will be a great opportunity for experts and key people to effectively share their valuable points of view, and their valuable experiences in a variety of subjects in a completely scientific context in order to promote the health level of the community and to control and reduce addiction & social harm.



The 11th international addiction congress will be held in both Farsi and English. Simultaneous interpretation service is available for both languages.



Social Discourse , Knowledge Translation , and Further Directions


(see the main topics of this year’s congress )


We are determined to provide the scientists and interested parties with the opportunity of sharing latest findings and discussing controversial topics focused on the regional problems.


Time and Place:

The 11th international congress of addiction Sciences will be held in, Tehran, I. R. of Iran, from 13th to 15th September 2017.         



 The 8th International Congress of Addiction Science (ASC2014):



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