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About Tehran

About Tehran

Tehran is the capital city of I. R of Iran and the largest city in the Western Asia, with a population of around 14 million in 2015. The city located near the Damavand Mountain, the highest mount in Iran's plates.

Azadi Square (Photo from Azadi Tower website)


People are very friendly, especially towards foreigners. The official and most popular language in Tehran is Farsi and most post graduates and the young generation have a good command of English.

The city is very lively in days, and the population is very young. There are many quality museums, as well as several historic churches to visit and plentiful of good restaurants to dine in. However, modern structures, notably Azadi Tower and the Milad Tower, symbolize the city.

Top must see places in Tehran

Tehran Grand Bazar:

Tehran Grand Bazar is a traditional roofed bazaar which has been constructed duringFathali Shah Qajar. The Grand Bazaar is located in southern Tehran; its many corridors are over 10 km in length.

Further information about this place could be reached through the link below:


Golestan Palace:

Golestan Palace complex consists of eight key historic palace structures from Qajar era which is mostly used as museums and the eponymous gardens.

Further information about this place could be reached through thelink below:


SaadAbaad Palace:

SaadAbaad Palace is a cultural and historical complex, covering a magnificently huge and beautiful garden. Two palaces are open to public and other buildings with regard to their specialty have been allocated for different kinds of cultural exhibitions.

Complete informational and some pictures are available at the link below:


National Museum of Iran:

National Museum of Iran, aging more than 70 years, containing 300,000 museum objects in an area more than 20,000 square meters, is not only the largest museum of History and Archaeology of the country, but ranks as one of the few most prestigious museums of the world in regard to grand volume, diversity and quality of its huge monuments.

Please refer to the following link for further interesting information about this museum:


Tabiat 3-Level Pedestrian Bridge:

This interesting bridge is a space intended to be a place to linger, it is an extension of two beautiful parks, including seating areas and green spaces on all parts of the bridge, such as coffee shops and restaurants on the sides, to have enough means to keep the users slow down and enjoy their time on the bridge.

Please refer to the below link for further information and images of it:


Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake:

Persian Gulf Martyrs is an artificial lake, offering some aqua sports, which is a very peaceful place to visit and spend a fun, memorable day at.

Further information could be reached through below link:


Tehran Milad Tower:

Tehran Milad Tower is an international communication centre including Milad Tower, conferences centre, 5-star hotel and restaurants and an international trade centre.

Milad Tower (Photo from official website)

Please refer to the link below for further and complete information in details:


Three Applicable information sources about Tehran

Below link consists of an applicable map of Tehran, giving the possibility to calculate distances, suggesting the shortest and fastest possible ways through your required destination and more.


Below link is a simple way to get very précised information regarding Tehran climate, daily and hourly:


General information in various aspects regarding Tehran could be found in the following link:


For more information, please contact us at:



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